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G-Media is an Animation & Advertising studio HQ in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We provide and produce some of Africa's most original and inspiring content for our clients and viewers around the world. As an animation studio, we produce top tier 2D & 3D contents, diving deep into African cultures and stories. We also implement animations into campaigns to provide our clients with modern and captivating animated content to brand and promote their products. As an advertising studio, we help our clients in branding and promoting their products for maximum market penetration and exposure. We use high definition equipment with well-experienced production crews to produce captivating and moving commercials, documentaries, and photographs.



Videography Services

Gebeya Media provides a wide range of videography services and experts catering to top tier clients wanting to create original Branding campaigns. With equipment and rigs capable of shooting up to 7 K resolution, Gebeya Media produces ultra high quality cinema standard videos. Our multimedia team is composed of creative & experienced multimedia professionals.

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Animation Services

Gebeya Media specializes in producing 2D & 3D models or animation videos for commercials, video games, series and feature films. We also have a highly capable team that utilizes green screens, and create CGI & VFX for our animations and videos.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design Services

Gebeya Media’s team of designers specialize in creating brand logos, corporate guidelines, merchandise designs and marketing & promotional material. From vector formats to artistic sketches and renders, we aim to provide you with artworks that embody your brand and get your message across to your targets.

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Photography Services

Gebeya Media utilizes world class equipment and experienced photographers capable of taking professional high-quality pictures for product advertisement, editorial catalogues, and magazines and news publications.

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